Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm a slacker!!

Hey Blogging buddies!!

 I'm soo sorry. I haven't blogged this week. I have been crazy busy. Even though this week was hecka hectic it was soo much fun! My highlight of this week was spending it with my kids at school. Once a month I got to their classes and their teachers let me teach PE. We did relays an dodge ball. It was a blast! There are some awesome kids at Rimrock! We had to stay in a Hotel since Thursday cause my Mom is getting her floors resurfaced due to the flood in the kitchen. So the kids were thrilled cause they got to go swimming and had something besides cereal for breakfast ! They invited their friends and cousins! It was a good time. Yesterday, we Had 5 games. Tilera had 2 volley ball games in the morning. Than Tusi had his first basketball game ever. He was so adorable to watch. He was soo happy he couldn't stop smiling even if he missed the hoop by 10 feet! Then Tiger had a football game at 1. And then Tilera had a basketball game at 5. Luckily, it is the end of the season for v-ball and football so hopefully things won't be so crazy. I love it though! I was telling Rick I couldn't think of a better way to spend my Saturday! Tonight, I finished 3 chapters in my book and submitted them to my editor! Chahooo.. I'm way stoked about that! Tmrw is Halloween and just like most of you..I know it's going to be a full day with Carnivals, school parades, trick o treating and somehow I need to squeeze donating plasma in there. Anyhoo..Wish you all a wonderful week! Have a spooky cooky halloween!!

Left: Tusi is sitting on the ball at his first game!

Right:  Soooo ...Stupid I Know!! LOl!! My daughter was asking me to teach here my modeling skillz!! Watch out, Tyra!! This is my Blue Steel pose!!

Rick came with me to teach PE at Tusi's class!

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