Monday, October 3, 2011

Always, Room in the Inn.......
 Hau'ula, Hawaii & Lehi, Utah

Meet...... Real Mormon Housewife, Maile!

She was born and raised in beautiful Hau'ula, Hawaii. Since then she has moved to the Mainland and now resides in Utah. Everytime, I go to see this girl her "Aloha spirit" and "Open Arm, Open Door policy" stands true. She has seven children, but is known to many as Mom or Aunty Maile! There is always somebody new at her home that has lost their way or needs a place to stay until they can get back on their feet. She gives what she can, and makes do with what she is given. People feel so comfortable around her because of her ability to not pass judgement. She loves them with no conditions.

 I know that she longs to return home to the Islands where her heart will always beat. But, she is Home to so many who feel of her love, no matter where they are. Wherever she goes or what ever her circumstances may be, Maile will continue to open her heart and arms to others. I know this because of her love for our Savior. If Mary and Joseph would have come to Maile's home some years ago, they would have been well cared for........... For there is always room in Maile's Inn....

*Maile loves decorate and is super creative! She has a Christmas tree up year round and dresses the tree for each Holiday!

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