Thursday, April 26, 2012


Whatttt  Upp!! I'm back!! 

Sooo, to catch ya'll up on the last few months here it goes.

  •  I'm still living "Happily" in my moms basement!
  •  Rick started a new buisness (Yeahh).
  •  I finished my book and it is in review as we speak(Pheww!). 
  • My kids are happy, healthy and still tattle taling! 
  • My previous little blog helper(brother Mekel) is now on a mission for the LDS Church in Honolulu Hawaii!
  •  I gained 13 lbs ........hmmmmmm....What else???
  • OHhh!!!.......

 SO, I was up the other night, surfing the channels and I saw a stupid infomercial on Tummy Tuck 
Under Garment...LOL!! I was certain it was going to be stupid....Until about 3 minutes into it and I learned I could instantly loose 2 inches in 7 days!! Haha!! I know, I'm such a dork! I cant believe I fell for the stupid testimonials that I promised myself not to get suckered into.. I ordered mine with only 23 seconds left of the "special offer!" I also ordered a rush delivery so I could have it in time for my trip to Hawaii. I wonder if I can wear it in the Ocean? Hmmm... I wonder if it will really work?? I should be getting it tmrw and will have until May 9th (when I leave to Hawaii) to loose 2 inches.I will keep you all updated on my progress. Maybe I will send some Before and pictures (like Fabulous Fancy on my youtube previews!) Shoot if it works....Heck Ya! It will be the best "2 easy payments of $19.99" I ever spent. LOL!!