Thursday, October 13, 2011

                                    Oceanside, California

This girl has her arms full! If you were to take a look in her diaper bag you would find 3 different sizes of diapers! She has 3 children under 2.5! Call her her crazy...She is a awesome  "Real  Mormon Housewife!" She always has a child climbing on her lap or stuck to her legs. There is no doubt about it that her children adore her!! And even though they are so close in age and life is extremely hectic, she takes time to make sure each one knows they' re not forgotten and loved! Besides Kehau making the best banana bread on the planet, she works for BYU- Idaho teaching online classes. She enjoys a good book, a night out with her hubby, and she kicks butt at every sport!!

 Sooooooo........................................................ next time you have a
rough nights sleep think of Kehau!  She hasn't  slept for almost 3 years now!! Hats off to you, girl!! Keep up the great work!
 You're an Amazing Ma'ama!    

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  1. Or a horny husband. hahaha! Oh yeah I'm a real winner of a mom, I drop my infant off at my sister in laws to watch her for the night. haha, chooo hooo! Your the best Kira!!! :)