Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm a slacker!!

Hey Blogging buddies!!

 I'm soo sorry. I haven't blogged this week. I have been crazy busy. Even though this week was hecka hectic it was soo much fun! My highlight of this week was spending it with my kids at school. Once a month I got to their classes and their teachers let me teach PE. We did relays an dodge ball. It was a blast! There are some awesome kids at Rimrock! We had to stay in a Hotel since Thursday cause my Mom is getting her floors resurfaced due to the flood in the kitchen. So the kids were thrilled cause they got to go swimming and had something besides cereal for breakfast ! They invited their friends and cousins! It was a good time. Yesterday, we Had 5 games. Tilera had 2 volley ball games in the morning. Than Tusi had his first basketball game ever. He was so adorable to watch. He was soo happy he couldn't stop smiling even if he missed the hoop by 10 feet! Then Tiger had a football game at 1. And then Tilera had a basketball game at 5. Luckily, it is the end of the season for v-ball and football so hopefully things won't be so crazy. I love it though! I was telling Rick I couldn't think of a better way to spend my Saturday! Tonight, I finished 3 chapters in my book and submitted them to my editor! Chahooo.. I'm way stoked about that! Tmrw is Halloween and just like most of you..I know it's going to be a full day with Carnivals, school parades, trick o treating and somehow I need to squeeze donating plasma in there. Anyhoo..Wish you all a wonderful week! Have a spooky cooky halloween!!

Left: Tusi is sitting on the ball at his first game!

Right:  Soooo ...Stupid I Know!! LOl!! My daughter was asking me to teach here my modeling skillz!! Watch out, Tyra!! This is my Blue Steel pose!!

Rick came with me to teach PE at Tusi's class!

Friday, October 21, 2011

                     Marvelous Women
Their Story

With out further to do....Let's meet these hilarious,beautiful, outgoing, optimistic women!!! Pat,Ramona,Ilene,Judy, and Davyne (in the green jacket, is my mom!)! These women all share a unique and special friendship..They are all L.D.S single, sexy women! They have either lost their spouse or have divorced and one of them has experienced both... 

They have developed such a deep love for one another that is very  moving. I'm so grateful my mother has found these wonderful ladies to laugh and to cry with. I know they can relate to her in ways I can not. They were so kind to sit with me for a while and ask them some questions about divorce and loosing a spouse. 

 Each woman has her own story and her own pain. Each woman has learned and grown tremendously from her experiences ..All of them agreed and stressed to me the importance of  "Finding Yourself." Don't let things or people define you.  They also continually shared with me through out our visit ... their testimony of the Church and Our Heavenly Father and truly don't know where they would be without the guidance of the Gospel and Love and Hope from our Savior. 

Sister...If you know of a widow or someone who is going through a divorce. Please stretch forth your hand for them to hold. One of the ladies said that being divorced is harder than  loosing your loved one...because there are cards, condolences, meals , is an excepted ending . Divorce on the other hand..feels like you've been rejected and people aren't sure what to say or they do nothing...Therefore leaving this person feeling even more lonely.

These women may not be" Real Mormon Housewife's", But they are definitely inspirational "Real Mormon Women!" Let each of  their beautiful smiles bring inspiration to us to be a better friend. A friend that does not judge, a friend that listens and a friend that loves unconditionally!

Whassupp!!!, My name is Mekel Molifua aka "M Nuggets"
I'm Kira Adolpho's (Creator of Real Mormon Housewife) little brother (da' blogger), last night for one of her blogs, we visited some of my mothers friends who are Real Old Mormon Housewives, anyways what they talked about what sort of the problems they have had in their lives. The main problems that were discussed were deaths and divorces, as these ladies shared their stories something struck me. They all had different stories but all had one same solution to their problems, the GOSPEL, we sometimes take for granted the gospel. But we forget that its with us during the great times and the bad times, it never leaves us. These ladies all said they would not know where they would be without the gospel, that's why I am truly grateful for it, and I know that in my personal life know matter what goes uphill or downhill I'll always have the gospel and my lord to turn too. I'm so very grateful for our gospel and our church!

 Note: Mekel is my little brother who just graduated from High school and is trying to prepare for his mission. He has been such a huge help to me since I started this blog. I found myself overwhelmed with being a Mom , writing and blogging. So, I asked Meke if he would be my blogger! He goes with me to visit  all these  wonderful women. Sometimes it takes hours and he is always so patient and such a good sport! He will definitely have high expectations for his future bride after hearing all these Real Mormon Housewife stories! LOL! I write down on a rough draft what I want in the blog. Then he does his magic with pictures,videos,recipes..everything! So.. please pardon the mis spelled words or grammar content, he is my lifesaver!! Thx buddy. Love ya much and thanks for sharing your testimony with my friends!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

"The Real Mormon Housewife"
 Theme Song...
Imari Molifua's Randition

                           Comming Soon..This November...
    Music video to the "Real Mormon Housewife" theme song!
  I wanna be a Mormon wife.......... so fetching bad........ raise my kids and babysitt their Dad!

I want to wash some clothes and sheets...... hang them out to dry..... put some food on the table for my guy!

Cause, every time I close my eyes.................. I’m woken up by a babies cry......

I just want to watch TV, learn to lose 10 pounds in just two weeks......

 oh I, jus living the life as the Real Mormon Housewife!

.....Yeah, I think my mom gone crazy, dressing like she’s 18

Jus’ cuz she drives a Lexus, she thinks she’s the bestest!

My sister brought home her future fiancé, and mom accepts,

says "hes the male Beyonce!"

When mom reads her novels it’s time to not talk, always late

to pick us up so I guess that I'll walk.

Girl Scout cookie season and she’s buying up boxes, and

she can’t share one, not one single crumb!

She tries to fix my hair, but she can’t understand, that I look

like Pee Wee Herman, but she tells me I’m Hand....some

you’re so cute, you look just like your dad!

….Mom drives us crazy, but were glad that we have one!!

....Cause every time I close my eyes....  I dream of shopping

sprees....... and making pies,

 A night out with the girls, I'm calling

up the neighbor girl...... to watch the kids,

so I can have a night.....

as the Real Mormon Housewife!!!!

Oh oh,oh oh, the Real Mormon Housewife, oh oh, oh oh

Thursday, October 13, 2011

                                    Oceanside, California

This girl has her arms full! If you were to take a look in her diaper bag you would find 3 different sizes of diapers! She has 3 children under 2.5! Call her her crazy...She is a awesome  "Real  Mormon Housewife!" She always has a child climbing on her lap or stuck to her legs. There is no doubt about it that her children adore her!! And even though they are so close in age and life is extremely hectic, she takes time to make sure each one knows they' re not forgotten and loved! Besides Kehau making the best banana bread on the planet, she works for BYU- Idaho teaching online classes. She enjoys a good book, a night out with her hubby, and she kicks butt at every sport!!

 Sooooooo........................................................ next time you have a
rough nights sleep think of Kehau!  She hasn't  slept for almost 3 years now!! Hats off to you, girl!! Keep up the great work!
 You're an Amazing Ma'ama!    

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wally Molifua Family Reunion
Reuniting after Imari's Mission October 2011!

Dad is deceased but, with us always in spirit!
Alberta, Canada

    What a women!
Quintina is Incredible! She is the mother of five children!! Within the same week she witnessed the blessing of her baby boy and the next day helped her daughter pack her bags for college at BYU- Hawaii. Besides being a sleepless,exhausted mom... Quintina works as a School Counselor and has graduated from BYU with her Bachelors, Masters and is now working towards her Doctorates and looks to graduate 2012. She is amazing and I admire her for her desires and dedication she has given to her life.

I use to think.......I can't wait to finish having babies. Sooo, I can sleep in, go on vacations with my hubby, sleep in, get my tummy tuck (LOL!) no seriously though!
 Did I mention...Sleep????(LOL!) Then I see amazing women like Quintina that are selfless and put no limits, no time frames or personal agenda's, to our Heavenly Fathers will. Soo, whenever your  feeling  like the "Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars as your days theme, think of Quintina! May her example help us to "Rise and shine!" 

 My hope is that we can look to one another for inspiration and find the good others have to offer and use it as a positive example to improve our own personal progress and self worth. May we all dig a little deeper and push a little harder. When you feel like you don't want to get out of bed this week...think of this "Real Mormon Housewife" Quintina!! And remember NO limits...........

Now...get your game up and "Put your shoulder to the wheel!"

Thursday, October 6, 2011

  Irie (my 2 yr old son) just made a poo poo in da' toilet!!! Yeaahhhh!! I was seriously about to give up on this poor child! I've always dreaded the whole potty training thing. But, I thought for sure I would be a Pro by now! C'mon... this is my 4th child!.... I have had to do roughly 100 or more Potty Party's around the good ole' Latrine for 10 years now, (LOL!!) We dance, clap, put stickers on the charts, eat treat!!!  All in celebration of the Grand "Pee Pee & Poo Poo!!" My older  kids were a piece of cake! I had all of them Potty trained and in their Captain underpants in 2 days!! Ok,ok... maybe 3, tops! This kid is Killin' me!! This is my second attempt (1st attempt was last month) and we are going on day 14. Sheeeeshh!! I was seriously going to throw in the towel and go to Sams Club today and buy a Big o' box of Diapers and try again in January when he turns 3. But, with this phenomenal  Hail Mary here in the last Quarter. I'm going to give it another week!! Keep ur fingers crossed!! xoxox

Monday, October 3, 2011

Always, Room in the Inn.......
 Hau'ula, Hawaii & Lehi, Utah

Meet...... Real Mormon Housewife, Maile!

She was born and raised in beautiful Hau'ula, Hawaii. Since then she has moved to the Mainland and now resides in Utah. Everytime, I go to see this girl her "Aloha spirit" and "Open Arm, Open Door policy" stands true. She has seven children, but is known to many as Mom or Aunty Maile! There is always somebody new at her home that has lost their way or needs a place to stay until they can get back on their feet. She gives what she can, and makes do with what she is given. People feel so comfortable around her because of her ability to not pass judgement. She loves them with no conditions.

 I know that she longs to return home to the Islands where her heart will always beat. But, she is Home to so many who feel of her love, no matter where they are. Wherever she goes or what ever her circumstances may be, Maile will continue to open her heart and arms to others. I know this because of her love for our Savior. If Mary and Joseph would have come to Maile's home some years ago, they would have been well cared for........... For there is always room in Maile's Inn....

*Maile loves decorate and is super creative! She has a Christmas tree up year round and dresses the tree for each Holiday!