Saturday, October 8, 2011

Alberta, Canada

    What a women!
Quintina is Incredible! She is the mother of five children!! Within the same week she witnessed the blessing of her baby boy and the next day helped her daughter pack her bags for college at BYU- Hawaii. Besides being a sleepless,exhausted mom... Quintina works as a School Counselor and has graduated from BYU with her Bachelors, Masters and is now working towards her Doctorates and looks to graduate 2012. She is amazing and I admire her for her desires and dedication she has given to her life.

I use to think.......I can't wait to finish having babies. Sooo, I can sleep in, go on vacations with my hubby, sleep in, get my tummy tuck (LOL!) no seriously though!
 Did I mention...Sleep????(LOL!) Then I see amazing women like Quintina that are selfless and put no limits, no time frames or personal agenda's, to our Heavenly Fathers will. Soo, whenever your  feeling  like the "Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars as your days theme, think of Quintina! May her example help us to "Rise and shine!" 

 My hope is that we can look to one another for inspiration and find the good others have to offer and use it as a positive example to improve our own personal progress and self worth. May we all dig a little deeper and push a little harder. When you feel like you don't want to get out of bed this week...think of this "Real Mormon Housewife" Quintina!! And remember NO limits...........

Now...get your game up and "Put your shoulder to the wheel!"


  1. Geez I really don't have a reason to complain! Work, school and a new baby, oh my! You go girl!!

  2. Go Quintina! It's so awesome to see how women are exceeding expectations nowadays. Girl power! Lol