Thursday, October 6, 2011

  Irie (my 2 yr old son) just made a poo poo in da' toilet!!! Yeaahhhh!! I was seriously about to give up on this poor child! I've always dreaded the whole potty training thing. But, I thought for sure I would be a Pro by now! C'mon... this is my 4th child!.... I have had to do roughly 100 or more Potty Party's around the good ole' Latrine for 10 years now, (LOL!!) We dance, clap, put stickers on the charts, eat treat!!!  All in celebration of the Grand "Pee Pee & Poo Poo!!" My older  kids were a piece of cake! I had all of them Potty trained and in their Captain underpants in 2 days!! Ok,ok... maybe 3, tops! This kid is Killin' me!! This is my second attempt (1st attempt was last month) and we are going on day 14. Sheeeeshh!! I was seriously going to throw in the towel and go to Sams Club today and buy a Big o' box of Diapers and try again in January when he turns 3. But, with this phenomenal  Hail Mary here in the last Quarter. I'm going to give it another week!! Keep ur fingers crossed!! xoxox


  1. Yes, and then you can work on mine! We have 3 more days here. hahaha.........Actually Tale is doing pretty good too. I was going to wait for my mom to come and do it at the end of the month, but this boy is pretty much taking himself to the bathroom. ha! I guess he is ready. :)

  2. So Awesome Kira! I am dreading doing that with Joziah!!! Ugh! Congrats! That is a huge achievement!