Thursday, April 26, 2012


Whatttt  Upp!! I'm back!! 

Sooo, to catch ya'll up on the last few months here it goes.

  •  I'm still living "Happily" in my moms basement!
  •  Rick started a new buisness (Yeahh).
  •  I finished my book and it is in review as we speak(Pheww!). 
  • My kids are happy, healthy and still tattle taling! 
  • My previous little blog helper(brother Mekel) is now on a mission for the LDS Church in Honolulu Hawaii!
  •  I gained 13 lbs ........hmmmmmm....What else???
  • OHhh!!!.......

 SO, I was up the other night, surfing the channels and I saw a stupid infomercial on Tummy Tuck 
Under Garment...LOL!! I was certain it was going to be stupid....Until about 3 minutes into it and I learned I could instantly loose 2 inches in 7 days!! Haha!! I know, I'm such a dork! I cant believe I fell for the stupid testimonials that I promised myself not to get suckered into.. I ordered mine with only 23 seconds left of the "special offer!" I also ordered a rush delivery so I could have it in time for my trip to Hawaii. I wonder if I can wear it in the Ocean? Hmmm... I wonder if it will really work?? I should be getting it tmrw and will have until May 9th (when I leave to Hawaii) to loose 2 inches.I will keep you all updated on my progress. Maybe I will send some Before and pictures (like Fabulous Fancy on my youtube previews!) Shoot if it works....Heck Ya! It will be the best "2 easy payments of $19.99" I ever spent. LOL!!


  1. Oooh you gotta let me know how that goes!! Sounds like a miracle garment? Lol Glad you're doing well! LOVE the updated picture, get it girl!! Love you!!

  2. LOve you to CC!! Im still waiting for the post lady to come! Hopefully it works! I loooved your idea about the talent show for FHE!! I hope we can make it cause I soo want to do a dance routine!!

  3. Oh no you didn't!! hahaha, girl just start doing the sit ups in power cut. hahahaa.............okay but if it works you better let us all know about it.